Saturday, June 25, 2016

What's Next?

The last school bus has pulled out of the driveway for the last time. The routines that featured early rising, meeting friends at their locker to catch up on the latest gossip, participating in engaging activities and completing homework has quickly been replaced by summer vacation.  

Educators and students have once again been liberated from their daily responsibilities that binds them together for ten months.  Each now faced with that daunting question that only accompanies that last bell each June. What's next?

For the educator; some will press on, first tying up loose ends and then steadfastly preparing for the reopening of school in September. Some will head off into retirement and begin to transition into a life that is more tranquil and slow paced. Some will travel about the globe, absorbing the earth's majestic beauty. Some will "sharpen their saw"reflecting on the experiences of the past school year, attend conferences or pursue the written word  in order to fine tune their craft. Some will change hats and head off  to their summer employment. What's next? always leads to the writing of new and exciting chapters in our lives.
For our students,the fast paced, five day a week rigorous schedule has been replaced by a more leisurely life offered with the arrival of an eleven week summer vacation. For them it's time to reflect upon their recent social and academic growth. It's time to enjoy their recent success, consider failures and begin to set goals for the near future. 

Some will spend the upcoming days, sleeping in, earning money at summer jobs, spending time with friends and even looking to enrich their academic skill set. One thing is for certain. There will be plenty of time for joy and amusement as the summer of 2016 evolves.

The most promising element of life's journey is that while continuous, there are always beginnings and endings intertwined along the way. For students and teachers alike summer vacation offers us once again the opportunity not only to ponder but more importantly to explore , What's next? 

Exploring what comes next allows us to exit our comfort zone and invite adventure. We can approach the crossroads with apprehension or we can embrace the unknown with passionate enthusiasm. The decision will ultimately bring change and the need for adaptation. However, growth is only possible when we are willing to courageously pursue new opportunities, regardless of understanding the outcomes in advance.  

What' next is the  question, are you ready to search for the answer?