Saturday, October 25, 2014

Live from Nola

Ecet2, live from New Orleans. My first live, on site blog post.  I am currently taking an active role in a fascinating session about the art of blogging. 
Our presenters by their own admission are active bloggers but on different levels. One has a strong writing background and blogs often,(a former sports writer) while the other blogs occasionally, mostly for the opportunity to connect with his students.   
Our audience is very diverse, some have been actively blogging for awhile, some started recently and others came to find out how to get started.  The main idea shared early on and often was that blogging was an opportunity for sharing one's voice or telling their story. As educators, blogging is not only a great vehicle in which to share our voice but is also a great vehiicle that can be used to enable our students to  share theirs.

Throughout the session the participants shared various reflections on  a vehicle called in an effort to develop a better understanding of how the process worked. While admittedly the blogging process pushes one beyond their comfort zone it is a risk that people appeared willing to take.  The connection was made to the comedy Seinfeld about everyone having something to say and while it may appear to be about nothing on the surface, most likely it will have value to someone. Translation, "there is an audience out there for everyone."
 The conclusion of the session left me with a great challenge in that we were being asked to create a post on the fly which is something that I usually don't embrace but... when in Rome!

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