Saturday, October 3, 2015

Lighting the Lamp

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As educators we are keenly aware of our responsibility to remain knowledgeable about events that have a current impact on our world. The opportunity to use what we have learned, in order to make real life connections with our students, is perhaps the greatest benefit of staying informed. However this can be both a blessing and a curse because while some events are clearly inspirational, others are equally as tragic. 

When the news becomes consistently tragic it becomes more imortant to find new ways to "light our lamps." We need to pursue and find sources of inspiration in order to help us successfully move forward. 

Reading blogs on Twitter continues to "light my lamp" and provide inspiration. Thus igniting and energizing my various passions. There are many that are posted frequently and their authors all posess inspirational gifts.  However, there are three that consistently cause my inspirational meter to soar. 

The Connected Lead Learner by Glenn Robbins consistently inspires my passion for Education. Glenn is a middle school principal near the Jersey shore who is passionately devoted to his students and staff. The work that he has done developing Idea Street, continues to transform student learning while building school community and culture. One cannot learn of Idea Street and its success and not wonder how to emulate it in their school. Watching the growth and success of this initiative as a result of Glenn's blogging, continues to ignite my passion for education.

Jon Harper's blog Bailey and Derek's Daddy taps into my passions for both fatherhood and writing. Jon an Assistant Elementary School principal in Maryland  is a gifted writer and educator. After only a brief sampling of his work you are convinced of this. After faithful readership you learn of the depths of Jon's gifts. His ability to impart life lessons while writing of both his family and his craft is extraordinary.  I can honestly say that after reading each of Jon's posts I have felt more enriched as a learner and always more emotionally inspired.

One of my passions which has been cultivated throughout my lifetime has been my love of Baseball. Suzanne Carbonaro, a Professor at the Rider University School of Education is among several contributing writers for the blog Bleeding Yankee Blue. Her writing consistently reveals her own passion for her students, the sport of baseball, her family and her beloved Yankees.   

My admiration for her writing is strengthened with each post that I read. Her ability to connect baseball, the Yankees and real world experiences while coming from a different angle reveal her gifts as a writer. She literally has taken the phrase "baseball is life" to new, inspiring heights. After finishing Suzanne's posts I always feel that she above all else is a baseball fan, using her writing as a tool to build relationships with other baseball fans. All the while igniting everyone's passion for the game.

Throughout our lifetimes as educators and global citizens it is imperative to our personal and professional growth that we find new ways to " light our lamps." Ultimately we cannot inspire those who depend upon us the most, if we ourselves are not inspired. 

Since becoming active on Twitter two years ago I have amassed an extensive professional learning network of high quality educators that consistently inspire me in various ways. Moreover, their guidance and support helps to elevate my practice as an educator.  My lamp has been lit and continues to burn bright.
    How will you Light yours?

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