Saturday, March 5, 2016

Circle of Life

One life ends,another begins anew. This was the unusual juxtaposition of my thoughts on a recent Saturday morning in March.  I was in the midst of checking in on my friend and colleague via a direct message on the status of his unborn daughter, when I received a text from my brother that a life long family friend had passed. Immediately upon finishing the text I received a photo reply from my friend announcing the birth of his daughter.  The irony did not escape me as I began to reflect on the passing of my life long family friend.

Ginny Moyer (Miss Ginny as I referred to her in my youth)was the closest thing I ever had to a guardian angel. From the early days of my youth she gave me that extra attention that would make a huge difference in my life. Perhaps it was the knitting of a sweater, or an invitation to swim in her family pool with my siblings, or just a check in to see how things were going. Their were even times that called for a crack on the back side as a reminder that I needed to fly straight. 

Later as an adult with children of my own we spent many Christmas Eve's together
at my Mom's. Ginny and her husband Ralph, still all of these years later always took an enthusiastic interest in our lives.

Now they were watching the evolution of the next generation, and the same warmth that I felt as a child they extended to my children. Over the years Ginny continued to find ways to extend her love to our family. The knitting continued for the children but most importantly her prescence in our lives remained constant.  We were fortunate to share decades of memories and benefitted a great deal from her influence.

Ginny was a kind, selfless individual. She was a person of service who loved her family, her friends, her church and especially children. She was devoted to making life better for others and often went to great lengths to accomplish this.
Over the years when my life became tumultuous, it was her compassion and calming influence that helped to restore order in my life.  I will be forever grateful for her commitment to me and my family.

I don't know what the world has in store for Aubrey Passafero or the impact that she will make upon this world but I have observed first hand the impact that her
parents continue to make.  They are kind, genuine people with strong family values and high standards.  They have made it their lives vocation to serve others as educators of the highest  quality.  With their influence and guidance, their daughter no doubt will eventually put a positive footprint on the world that embodies all of their qualities.

As I look back on that March morning, I reflect with meloncholy upon the passing of my good friend Ginny Moyer. I also look ahead at the promising future of  Aubry Pasafero, the lives she will touch  and the hearts she will warm as well.

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